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Triqo 300 pcs

 Triqo 300 pcs
 Triqo 300 pcs
Brand: Triqo
Product Code: 300311
Size (length*width*height): 28.6cm x 28.4cm x 19.2cm
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM329.00
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Triqo 300 pcs


Toy DHA:
* This is the largest set of Triqo in the series. A very good teaching aid as well as creative game for kindergarten, school, early child development center
* Triqo is a new, unique construction toy. With only two forms, a triangle and a square, you can create an endless amount of constructions, in ten different colours. Because the constructions are three-dimensional
* No instruction! No sample booklet! With Triqo you can build three-dimensional constructions and as there are no rules to tell you what to build, you can let your imagination run wild. Build a castle, a space station, skyscrappe or a flying wheel!

* Triqo is a Dutch invention and full made in Holland
* Our Asia packaging is in blue instead of black

* You may also purchase the Triqo Deco Wall piece to cover up the Triqo sculpture that you have just completed !!!


Size: 28.6 x 28.4 x 19.2 cm
Weight: 3.0 Kg
Contains 300 pieces: 150 triangles, 150 squares.
Material: Exceptionally strong,flexible & fully recyclable polypropylene


Toy DHA 2u Skill Chart Art & Craft - Triqo 300

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 1

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 2

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 3

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 4

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 5

Toy DHA 2u Modern Screw Light - Triqo 300 6

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