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12 Essential Skills in Child Development

1. Logical Thinking 逻辑思维
Child Development in logical thinking Includes mathematics, logic and scientific analysis ability, the child in constant practice, judgment and conclude through their living, learning and playing experiences which form their initial thinking model. The child needs this ability to carry out effective statistics, measuring, classifying, reasoning, etc in their growth process.

2. Space Logic 空间智能
Child Development in space logic means the ability to judge the accuracy of the visual space and able to reflect from the outlook of the things that has been sensed. This intelligent include recognising the colour, line, shape, form, space, then relate between vision and space inputs to form an image in the brain.

3. Concentration 注意力
Child Development in concentration means the cognitive process to build up the recognition ability towards a specific object. It is the soul of the portal, is starting point of gaining knowledge and development. Concentation is a kind of behavior that can be trained, learned and it is the most important element in the child when they enter their early educational life.

4. Self Awareness 自省智能
Child Development in self awareness is the discovery process from the oneself action, is kind of reflection towards oneself inner thought. In the child learning curve, early childhood stage is the most important period for the child to discover themselves and adjust themselves to the positive track.

5. Emotional Sense 情感启发
Child Development in emotional sense includes expression, emotion recognition ability and emotion learning ability. When a child feels excited, comfortable and pleasant, it creates high mobility in the brain cells development. We shall scientifically stimulate the child emotion and guide them to accurately express their feelings.

6. Memory Power 记忆力
Child Development in memory power means the memory of a child comes from the subconscious mind, foster the development of memory is the basic in developing the thinking ability. We shall foster the child memory capacity from the ability of understanding, this will eventually generate more results.

7. Creativity 想象创造力
Child Development in creativity means the imagination is the soul of the child creativity, the child was born as a creator. Stimulate their desire to learn, curiosity and discovery spirit to prompt them to observe, compare and experience until to form a enrich and accurate impression. This will help to develop the child creativity.

8. Social Contacts 社会交往
Child Development in social contacts is the personal reaction of a child towards the society culture, its refers to the ability to self discipline, adapt to the outside world, interact with others, the sharing quality and understand the community of common sense.

9. Fine Motor Skill 精细动作
Child Development in fine motor skill is referring to the exercise of the hands and legs small muscle, mainly to train the child eye-hand coordination of related activities. For example, handling, or shakes, kneeled on the finger holding his pen and sketch, building blocks and etc. These activities will build the foundation of writing, painting, labouring and skill.

10. Gross Motor Skill 大动作
Child development in gross motor skill is referring to the exercise of the main body muscles, mainly on the hands, body and legs large margin movement. For example, raise the head, turn over, sit, crawl, stand, walk, jump, stand on one foot, up and down the stairs, movement of arms and legs, posture response, balancing abilities.

11. Language Ability 语言能力
Child Development in language ability means language is peculiar to mankind, it involves 3 dimension of abilities which include: correct pronunciation, words power and oral presentation skills. Language is one of the icon in mental development, is essential to train the ability of communicating with others.

12. Musical Sense 音乐智能
Child Development in musical sense is referring to the ability of awareness, distinguish, change and music expression ability. From the experience in playing with toys that generates sound or music, it can foster the child rhythm, melody, tone sensitivity. Creates the opportunity to let the child intact with music and develop the sense of music.