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  • For ages 3 and above
  • Culture inclined drawings
  • Fun and safe design
  • Suitable for ages 5 & above
  • Cut & glue paper crafts
  • Enhances motor & creativity development
  • For boys
Suitable for ages 3 & above
Cut & glue paper crafts
Enhances motor & creativity development

Suitable for ages 3 & above
Folding & cut paper crafts
Enhances motor & creativity development


Latest design superior quality cute cartoon jewelry hand coloring.
Multi-Purpose (E.g. Promotional Gifts, Decorative Purpose etc.).
Contains 10 Crystal Gemstone, 6 Paint, 5 Metal Ring and more.

  • For ages 3 and above
  • Spaceship serigraphy set
  • Fun and safe design

For ages 3 and above
Tree & owl serigraphy set
Fun and safe design


* Carefully stick your EVA foam from bottom to top layer by layer. The complete craft presents a 3D Dinosaur.
* No glue is needed for the whole process, just peel and stick pieces together.
* Kids love crafts involving hand and eye coordination. Have great fun piecing together the craft whilst inspiring their brain developments! It is great for school holiday activities.
* The set includes 1 frame, 1 decorative sticker and 5 EVA stickers.

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• Wear it: cute little book necklace you can wear, write and doodle in.
• Write or draw: it'll hold your special secrets, fun Doodles, and thoughts.
• Create: so easy to make, get one for your BFF and trade back and forth.
• Treasure it: keep your special thoughts and secrets in this little easy to make book necklace.
• Contains: 30" of suede cord, 20" of cotton thread, metal ring, plastic needle, paper cover, 25 paper pages.


• Love it: never leave home without it (your pet bunny, that is).
• Keep it close: our cute necklace lets you take your furry friend wherever you go.
• Create it: the bunny is pre-made, and it takes just minutes to assemble the pouch with our adhesive strips.
• Wear it: put it on the cord and you're are good to go - talk about the warm fuzzies.
• Contains: 1 felt bunny and pouch, 30" of suede cord and 2 adhesive strips


• Kids will love making these two different-sized hanging sculptures that they can hang in a corner of their room, from a curtain rod, or from a mirror.
• Getting the hang of Himmeli is fun-tactically easy and fantastically cool.
• Makes two different sizes for twice the awesomeness, and twice the compliments too.
• Kids will enjoy watching their Himmeli sculptures take shape.
• Contains: 27 paper straws, 11 acrylic pom poms, 42 yards cotton thread, threading wire and full color detailed instructions


• Perfect Gift for ages 6 and above: kids will love This pet project!
• Craft 8 playful projects: kid will love making paper animal Garland, a felt animal Wallet, a felt bunny necklace, an animal poster, a yarn wrapped Lion, animal ear headbands, a cute pom pom Paw print charm, and a fun mask.
• Easy to follow instructions: we provide step-by-step instructions for each of the 8 crafts.
• Learn new crafting skills: let imaginations run wild while learning new crafting techniques.
• Contains: 30 yds of yarn, 6 yds of thread, 2 metal brads, 7 pieces of cardboard, 60 pieces of adhesive, 1.4 yds of elastic, 10 pieces of felt, 7 pieces of paper, and 127 pom Poms


• 8 cute projects are a fun way for kids to explore the magical and enchanting fairy world.
• Kids will love making: 3 tiny fairy doors, a fairy house, 2 fairy beds, a fairy crown, a wand, a fairy dust necklace, a welcoming garland, and even the pretty fairies themselves.
• Kids will have so much fun, they'll even make up some new fairy tales of their own.
• Bring the magical world of fairies inside with these 8 cute crafts
• Contains: 3.5 yds. Yarn, 32 yds. Thread, 93 pieces adhesive, 4 fabric flowers, glitter, 26 pcs paper, 1 paper straw, 2 chenille stems, 1 plastic vial, 1 pom pom and 2 wood beads


• Our simple-to-make paper tree has cute birds and colorful leaves—and it'll easily perch on any desk or dresser.
• The fun keeps growing as you add more and more birds and leaves to your paper tree.
• No scissors, no glue, no leaves to rake.
• Contains: 1 paper tree, and 50 cute paper birds and leaves


• Our little zippered coin purse is so cute, what's not to love.
• Kids can put Coins or small charms in our zippered fabric purse, then carry it by itself, or slip it into their purse or backpack.
• Lay our double-sided adhesive on the purse and arrange the pom poms in a fun pattern.
• Iron the back to activate the adhesive and you're ready to go.
• Contains: 1 zippered canvas coin purse, 224 colorful acrylic mini pom poms, and 1 adhesive sheet