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Hot Focus
Hot Focus
Hot Focus
Hot Focus is a fun, innovative, trendy and non-toxin US girls' accessories brand which customers are children between ages 5 to 15.
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This trendy oval shaped jewellery box features a wind up music box and a dancing figurine. It is a fun box for save keeping also for a memory!

Thinking of the perfect gift for your niece or nephew? Or your daughter or son? Not sure what would be the perfect gift for a child who loves music? Want to have something to be kept as a token of memory between you and the child? Then the Hot FocusMusical Jewellery Box with Figurine Dancingis the gift you are looking for.

Hot Focus Trendy Kids - Musical Jewelry Box with Figurine Dancing (302DA)

  • 1 x Hot Focus Musical Jewelry Box with Figurine Dancing
  • Attractive to use
  • Emanates music
  • Stores jewellery
  • Perfect as a gift


  •  Manicure
  • Make up
  •  Look Beautifull
  •  headband
  •  elastic band