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Letter to Parent

Do you wish your child be smarter?

A smart kid does well in school, creative and ahead in many ways in a competitive world. A smart kid makes you proud as a parent. Your child is important to you and you play the major role to mold his or her future. Early childhood is the crucial period for brain, emotional and intellectual development. During this period, 75% of the brain growth is completed

Nowadays, parent sends their child as early as 3 years old to Pre-Schooling to acquire the fun of play and learn, interacting with friends and train to be disciplined. Toy is one of the media used in the school to setup friendship between teachers, his or her friends and your child. When children are playing especially on educational toys, they are learning key scientific concepts, such as what sinks and floats; mathematical concepts, including how to balance blocks to build a tower; recognising colors and shapes and literacy skills, such as trying out new vocabulary or storytelling skills as children “act out” different roles.  Play is the true work of childhood.

Be a nurturing parent...
We emphasize parent must allocate time for your child besides the busy daily life. Your child deserves this little attention from you to interact with them. Parent can describe the toy or tell a story to build the interest of your child on a new toy. Parent can provide a little guidance when your child does not familiar with the toy at the early stage. When your child has successfully mastered the toy or completed a mission, parent shall compliment them and encourage them to explore more. This will build up your child confident level and feel the love and happiness after an achievement. In order to build the discipline, parent shall train their child to keep their toys back to a storage space after playing.   

In, we are a group of young & enthusiastic mothers that also sharing the same believe in growing up our children. We value your child as well as ours thus we have carefully sourcing for the right type of product, meeting up with suppliers to understand the skill development in every toy. We noted it down, analyzed them and we rate them for you. Please see the Toy DHA Skill Chart at every product detail page in our store. We hope this little effort can give you some help in your selection.

Never compromise on Quality and Safety...
We never compromise on Quality and Safety, do not believe our skills in determining a safe toy. Believes in the World Class Laboratory or Accreditation Centers testing reports. Every product in our store will at least comply with one of the Conformity Standard i.e. CE, EN71, ASTM, or MC Mark.

The early childhood development is the doorway to forever! A great educational toy even triggers what will be your kid's lifelong passion.