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• Kids will love making these two different-sized hanging sculptures that they can hang in a corner of their room, from a curtain rod, or from a mirror.
• Getting the hang of Himmeli is fun-tactically easy and fantastically cool.
• Makes two different sizes for twice the awesomeness, and twice the compliments too.
• Kids will enjoy watching their Himmeli sculptures take shape.
• Contains: 27 paper straws, 11 acrylic pom poms, 42 yards cotton thread, threading wire and full color detailed instructions


• Our little zippered coin purse is so cute, what's not to love.
• Kids can put Coins or small charms in our zippered fabric purse, then carry it by itself, or slip it into their purse or backpack.
• Lay our double-sided adhesive on the purse and arrange the pom poms in a fun pattern.
• Iron the back to activate the adhesive and you're ready to go.
• Contains: 1 zippered canvas coin purse, 224 colorful acrylic mini pom poms, and 1 adhesive sheet


• Make it: these eight charming Ojo de Dios for your keychain, backpack or purse.
• Wear it: add it to a stand of thread for a simple and stylish necklace.
• Decorate: use them to decorate your room or locker.
• Love it: kids will love the fact that this traditional South American craft is now hip and modern, and miniature.
• Contains: 16 wood sticks and 32 yards of cotton thread

  • - Wrap it. Display it. Love it. One of the cutest crafts yet - an adorable tree to organize your jewellery
  • - Our Yarn Tree kit is a fun artsy-craftsy way to create a place for necklaces, bracelets and earrings to hang out
  • - Kit includes an 18" tall bendable wire tree and a wonderful assortment of colourful yarn

-Everything's tiny, except the fun in this kit. Our easy-to-make kit has a clever bamboo tool that makes miniature pom poms and tassels for jewellery, purses, headbands, belts and just about any other idea kids come up with.
-The kit contains a 5" pom pom tool, an assortment of colourful yarn and thread and easy-to-follow instructions. 

-This mini kit is fun.

• Design and create six sparklicious bracelets using the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom (loom sold separately).
• Another fabulous accessory to your Loopdedoo Spinning Loom!
• Quick, easy and fun - ready to wear in minutes.
• Adjustable to accommodate wrist size, stylish to satisfy fashion, and enough colours to combine any look you can twist together.
• Twist it, wear it, absolutely love it!
• Contains: 4 silver toned bracelets with adjustable easy on/off clasps and 12 pre-cut embroidery threads.
• Video:



  • 18 different colour threads.
  • 8.75 yards (8 meters) per skein.
  • 100% mercerized cotton

• Design and create four stretchy headbands using the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom (loom sold separately Part no. LUEEAA) and 12 pre-cut embroidery threads.
• Headband elastics are adjustable so they can fit anyone comfortably.
• Quick, easy and fun - ready to wear in minutes.
• Follow the instructions to load your Loopdedoo Spinning Loom, then the pattern and texture of the weave is up to you!
• Make them smooth, or add a twisted spiral. Alternate single colour swatches or mix all the colours for a majestic, blended pop!
• Contains: 4 elastic bands / ribbons and 12 pre-cut embroidery threads.
• Video:



  • Loopdedoo metallic threads add sparkle to your Loopdedoo spinning loom projects.
  • This metallic thread assortment is perfect accent to standard embroidery threads.
  • Includes 6 different coloured metallic threads and instruction on how to combine with cotton threads to make up to 18 sparkly bracelets.

• Loopdedoo creativity becomes stylish necklace fashion!
• Design and create beautiful, unique, versatile necklaces in minutes with the Loopdedoo Spinning Loom. (loom sold separately)
• Mix up the colour patterns, experiment with the weaving styles, and then add on the rings to start getting stylish.
• Create necklaces in sections, then mix them, match them, swap them or twist them together using shiny rings and links!
• Wear them short or combine sections to make longer necklaces or even belts!
• Contains: 12 vibrant skeins of embroidery thread, 16 silver-toned rings

  • A pretty assortment of yarn colours to add variety to your Loopdeloom projects.
  • Sixdifferentcolours each 35 yards.
  • Total of 210 yards (192 meters) of 100% acrylic yarn.
  • Loopdeloom is an ingenious new loom design with spinning pegs that speeds up the weaving process and makes it super simple. It's simple to set-up and it's simple to use. 
  • Weave scraves, skirts, cuff bracelets, baskets, pillow covers, throws, purses and more.
  • Weave items any length and up to 7" wide using one loom. Connect Looms to weave wider items.
  • It's time to get out your Mittens! Kids will love creating their own Christmas ornaments!
  • Use the stylus to punch festive fabric into this Mitten-shaped Ornament. This simple, no-sew craft is sure to become a treasured piece of Holiday decor.
  • Use the fabric loop to easily hang and display. Includes jewels for some extra Holiday sparkle.
  • Material: 100+ fabric pieces, jewels, stylus and plush ornament
  • Safety Test: CE, EN71, ASTM, CPSIA